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Natural pools
In summer nothing better to do than refreshing in natural pools, with clear waters like this one at Abadía
Sports and Nature
Ambroz Valley is the perfect place for making sports submerged in virgin nature
Sun and Water
In summer you can take a bath in the natural pools or in other public pools like this one in Hervás, surrounded by nature
There are hiking paths with several difficult levels, and suitble for any ages and shape condition
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Autumn is Magical in Ambroz Valley

The “Valle del Ambroz” (Ambroz Valley) is a rural area of 235 Km2, mainly included in two Natura 2000 areas. Has a remarkable landscape, with mountains over 2.000 m and the valley around 400 m. Here takes place the "Otoño Mágico" (Magic Autumn).

 It started on 1998 and has been going on without interruption, has two main challenges, first one is to tackle the loss of population in this rural area, making Autumn attractive for tourists. Second one is to give value to the environment, to raise awareness of the fragility and importance of our area, under protection from 2 different Natura 2000 areas.
It is a set of activities that takes place along all November than include music, hiking, sports, photos, mountain bike, and many more, all of them supported on the specially attractive landscape of autumn in Natura 2000 areas. It is located at Valle del Ambroz, north of Extremadura region, west side of Spain, a mountain space with dense chestnuts and oaks forests.
In this place Autumn colors are specially attractive, reds, browns, yellows, the forest takes life before leaving their leaves to sleep during winter. Although Autumn is so nice, visitors only came in spring and summer.

magic autumn in natura 2000 network

It involves in its organization at dozens of local associations (touristic, environmental, women, young...), local authorities, local businesses, and is steered by the Local Action Group (LAG).
Nowadays there are more than 25.000 visitors in this month, achieved the title of Regional Touristic Fiesta since 2011, and the national award CONAMA to the Sustainability of Little and Medium Municipalities at 2013.
Under the idea that "To know is to love" is contributing to protect our Nature 2000 areas and to create employment and population maintaining.
There are lots of activities, mainly of them around nature. The most important ones are:

  • "Dia de la Trashumancia" (cattle migration day), remembering old shepperds and wolf
  • Mushroom picking route
  • Hiking Routes every november weekend
  • BTT Route
  • Mountain Race (pedestrian)
  • Photo contest focused on Nature
  • Adventure Raid (in 2017 will held the Spain Championship)

There are limited place due to avoid impact on envinronment. There are more than 25.000 participants in more than 50 activities.
All the activities take place in Valle del Ambroz, includes 8 municipalities: Abadía, Aldeanueva del Camino, Baños de Montemayor, Casas del Monte, La Garganta, Gargantilla, Hervás y Segura de Toro. Everyone is the main character someday, that is good for the selfesteem, and also works for involving the whole Nature 2000 area.
The "Valle del Ambroz" is located at the north of Extremadura, west side of Spain, near Portugal.

Magicall Autumn
Red Natura 2000 Award
DIVA - Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Valle del Ambroz -