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Natural pools
In summer nothing better to do than refreshing in natural pools, with clear waters like this one at Abadía
Autumn colours
Its dense and leafy forests keep a special magic, that in fall explodes into a colourful landscape
Among october and march several migratory birds rest in Ambroz Valley, like this cranes . You can also spot black storks, royal eagle or buzzards, amid others, throughout the year.
Sun and Water
In summer you can take a bath in the natural pools or in other public pools like this one in Hervás, surrounded by nature
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Ambroz Valley - Photo Galleries

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Photo Galleries Magical Autumn 2014
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Quick view of the Valle del Ambroz
A quick look inside the Valle del Ambroz, pictures that invite you to know a little more about this green valley at the north of Cáceres province
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Pristine Nature
If something stands Ambroz Valley is by its nature. Its mountains protect it from the cold north, and milk the clouds to allow the water to irrigate every corner, and so come thick forests of chestnut and oak, its green pastures, and also rich cherry and plum orchards. In autumn mushrooms colorful paint the remotest places. It is the perfect place to get lost, to savor nature,
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Proposals and activities
It´s not possible to get bored in the Valle del Ambroz, you can hike on its trails, buy crafts, take a bath in the natural pools, spas, gastronomy... just take a look!
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