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Natural pools
In summer nothing better to do than refreshing in natural pools, with clear waters like this one at Abadía
Autumn colours
Its dense and leafy forests keep a special magic, that in fall explodes into a colourful landscape
Come try some of the most delicious meat products, cheeses, paprika and honey. Indulge yourself!
Sun and Water
In summer you can take a bath in the natural pools or in other public pools like this one in Hervás, surrounded by nature
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Ambroz Valley - General Information

Ambroz Valley is a place filled with contrasts, there are mountains that are elevated more than 2,000 meters such as Pinajarro, el Valdeamor o el Camocho, and there are also meadows and pastureland with only 500 meters of altitude. With an abundance of water, rivers and gorges like La Garganta Ancha, Santihervás River, or the Amboz River that the valley is named after.

It’s history is marked by it’s mountain that provided a passage to the north, which facilitated the existence of many transportation routes such as Vía Romana de la Plata, then small valleys and tracks such as Cañadas Reales Occidental and la Vizana. Later on we had the train track and now the national highways as A-66 and the 630 that have always been well connected. 

As people such as Veton culture, Celtics,  or Jews came and went from this area their legacy has lived on. You can see examples of this such as the Celtic Bull from Segura de Toro or the Jewish Quarter of Hervás which are some of its major tourist attractions that remind us of our ancestors and their way of life.

These mountain ranges have also marked the landscape where you can see large chesnut and oak forests in shady terraces accompanied by cherry and plum curds. You can also find hidden treasures such as hardwoods holm oak and cork in the lower valley, and the ocasional natural monument, a singular tree such as Brown's Shiver, cork or the Fresneda or Abedular from the Puerto de Honduras are true meccas of nature .


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